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At My Epitaph, we are committed to helping you through the grief by offering a new way to memorialize those you have loved and lost.

Headstones play an essential part in the grieving process. They help us to memorialize those we have lost. When people die, they are often remembered only by the lettering written on a headstone. A few short words that tell us very little about the person you have loved and lost. There just isn’t enough information on a typical headstone to capture the essence of a person’s life.


After a loss, many of us wish we could have done more. At My Epitaph, we believe our innovative approach to memorialization offers a new type of remembrance. Using modern technology we can keep a digital memorial that can be shared with family and friends regardless of location. Our Brass QR plaques placed in you place of remembrance helps you fondly remember the life lived.

When you subscribe to My Epitaph, you gain instant access to templates on which to post an epitaph. Store your photos, memories, book of condolences, family tree, or anything that helps you remember your loved ones and celebrate their lives.


We believe it helps with the grieving process to document a person’s life in this way and know from experience that further down the line it is very comforting to remember a loved one an refer to the epitaph and memories stored in this way.

While the word “nice” is not something that you associate with the loss of a loved one, it is nice to reflect and remember especially on birthdays or anniversaries.


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