When a Headstone Doesn't Say Enough

Wouldn't it be nice to say so much more about your loved one than just a few details on a headstone. Now you can. A My Epitaph QR code allows you to tell the whole story, display pictures and videos and so much more.

Celebrate the Life

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How It Works

Create an Epitaph

Start by adding all your memories, photos and videos of your loved one. You can add and edit the epitaph as often as tyou like. Don’t worry if further down the line you remember something else as it can be updated at any time.

QR Code Plaque

We will send you a customised QR code that when scanned with the camera of a mobile phone, will take to to your loved ones epitaph.

Attach the QR Code to headstone or memorial

Attach the QR code to the headstone or memorial. Anybody who scans the QR code find out all about the person and the life they lived

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Simple Pricing

Pay a small monthly subscription to keep your loved ones memories alive for the entire family to see.

  • Say more than just a headstone can for your loved ones
  • Collect memories in one place that can be visited time and time again
  • Share high-quality photos and videos


Register now and create an epitaph page today.

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About Us

MyEpitaph creates a memorial of their life, accomplishments and other things that they have done in their lifetime using QR Code.


Collate Beautiful Memories

Create a page dedicated to a loved one filled with beautiful memories together.


Beautiful Brass QR Codes

We craft beautiful brass QR codes that you can attach to headstones that loved ones can access.